Poker Star Slice Em - slice, fruit slice, cut and slice, ninja slice, slice ice
Slice Em
This puzzle game is all about focus and strategy.
How is this mystifying slicer game played?
It's quite simple, just slash the shape which comes in interesting several figures like, fruits, stars and animals, with your magical blade until all the orbs inside the shape is contained. Sounds breezy, I wouldn't bet on it! With a limited time and complicated shapes, this game is a brain killer. One wrong cut and the doodle is distorted and the game is over!

- Challenging shapes and stages
- Ancient Asian theme to add mysticism and drama
- Dynamic and attractive background.
- Offers excitement of having the finger slash and slice the shapes.
- One wrong cut and its a challenge to finish
- Create a friendly air of competition by playing this over a box pizza.
- Like your moma's hug, its incomparable but its priceless.

The history of this ancient game came way, way back to the times where dragons and magic are perennial as grass and ninja stand guard to protect the royals in rustic China. During those times, the emperor hold the magic orbs, these orbs are magical floating balls that contain the spirits of the emperor's ancestors. These magic orbs should be kept in a very compact place for they give power and wisdom to the eminent family. It is kept in strong wood and metals that even the strongest benders and slicers cannot penetrate, only the blades of a noble ninja can cut through these orbs keeper. Since the box are huge, these ice glowing restless orbs are in danger of breaking, these capsules should be slashed to the smallest size in a limited time or else the orbs will pop and burn.

Make your calculated move and keep these enchanting orbs together.
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