Poker Star Fishing Frenzy - Fish Adventure, Fish Frenzy, Fish Fishing, Fishing Diary, Ninja Fishing
Fishing Frenzy
Fishing Frenzy is all about adventure fishing that requires patience and quickness.
So how do you play this frenzy game that is worth writing in a diary?
Just tap and drop the hook and catch the big fish.
This game sound super simple but it's going to make you a
fishing ninja in no time!

- Big, beautiful fish you'd love to catch
- Colorful, bright, vivid HD 3D graphics to enjoy the game
- Relaxing & cool background to let you focus in your fishing game.
- Offers excitement because of the finger "tap" and "drag" controls.
- Awesome background music to get you hooked on the game.
- Create a healthy, fun competition by inviting your friends to play and beat each others score.
- This fish adventure game is fun and free, totally a good catch!

The background story of this fishing game is simple. This young man is bored, so he decided to get out and do some fishing adventure. So he went out to travel and looked for the best spot to catch one of the biggest and nicest fish... and lo and behold a he found a river pool with colorful frenzy school of fish. To add challenge to his fish fishing, he decided to give himself a quota, in a certain number of time, he imposed a specific number of fish to catch. This self-imposed challenge sure brought the fishing ninja out of him.

Jump in to this fishing frenzy and experience one great adventure now.
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