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Blek Bouncer
'A Wow Game! This Is Something That I Can't Enough Of!'
'Excitement Anytime, Anywhere! I Love It! Super Amazing!'
'A Logic Game That Is Full Of Fun! Perfect For Everyone!
'Cheerers Gather Everytime I Play This Super Exciting Game!'
Playing this game is super simple, follow the instructions given in the game and be precise and strategie when you do your moves!
Blek Bounce is the hottest game out there today! But its not just the trend that makes this game the hottest, its the principle and the challenge of the game! This game stimulates you mind. No moment of yawning here!
You'll never regret playing this game. With HD graphics and all you can't get enough of this.
This game is perfect for you and the young at hearts! See who can unlock more stages among your friends thru this game's online sharing interface!
- Complete the challenge of the level and win the game!
- FREE version supported by ads
- Super awesome graphics and motion
- Addicting and proven me concept
- Unlimited attempts to break your record
- Great sound effects and music
- Turn on/off music and sound effects
- Upgrade to ad-free version optional
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