Poker Star 3D Bowling Champ - 3d bowling, real bowling, ball-hop bowling, galaxy bowling, bowling king
3D Bowling Champ
Its an ideal but one of a kind bowling game!
It's all about getting the highest score ever!
3D Bowling Champ takes you to the whole new level of arcade games!
Just toss the bowling ball and make sure that it shoots over to the highest point hole and become the king of bowling

- Smooth to play
- Flashy lights every time you shoot the ball
- 8 Chances to shoots the bowling ball
- Very Exciting because of the finger- toss control
- Free for all you to play
- Real bowling graphics!

Its the ultimate bowling game there is today. However, if you are expecting to play the usual strike and win game, you are in for big disappointment. This 3D bowling game is an arcade game which is sure to wake you up with excitement. This easy bowling game is jam-packed with features - one look at the high definition lights, and you would think your in a different galaxy! Moreover, its very easy to play, just flick the bowling ball and let it hop to the corresponding whole with highest score.

Truly, this is one rousing game!
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